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Why PET Bottle Filling Machines Become So Popular But Not PVC Bottle

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-11-06      Origin:Site

In beverage packing industry,we often see a phenomenon that customers are trying their best to seek PET juice bottle filling Machines,PET water bottle filling machines and so on,why PET bottles are so popular but not PVC bottles?

Everyone knows,once upon time,PVC bottles gained a high market share because of the low cost in PVC plastic bottles packaging,But now,compared to other materials,market share of PVC plastic bottles is getting lower and lower.Why this becomes the indisputale fact?

It is the following three reasons that make the PVC plastic bottles become unpopular.

Firstly,the rise and wide use of PET plastic bottles in packing industry,with many advantages,PET plastic bottles has gradually become the mainstream form of plastic bottle packaging market.

Secondly,instability of PVC plastic bottles in the food,liquid and pharmaceutical packaging.

Last but most important,PVC plastic bottles recycling rate is not high, which further reduced its market share.

Therefore,in the foreseeable period of time, PVC plastic bottles will not have a great market demand,PET bottles will become more and more popular.that is why most of the customers choose to buy PET bottles filling machines.


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