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The equipment is used for carbonated soft drink filling with PET bottle. It combines rinsing, filling and capping into one machine. It is mainly applicable for rinsing bottle, filling carbonated water, cola, beer and mineral water and sealing the plastic screw cap. The machine has advantages of reasonable structure, safe operation, reliable working and easy maintenance.

All the parts which contact with the material directly is made of food grade stainless steel, no dead angle and easy to clean. Use pneumatic valve to control material flow, which can guarantee the high filling precision. Open valve device is driven by the air cylinder, the action is accurate and reliable.


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Model Rinsing Heads Filling Heads Capping Heads Capacity(BPH) Bottle Size Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Powder(kw)
Diameter (mm) Height(mm) Volume(ml)
DCGF18-18-6 18 18 6 4000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 2480x1980x2600 4000 5.5
DCGF24-24-8 24 24 8 6000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 2800x2400x2600 6000 6.5
DCGF32-32-10 32 32 10 8000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 3300x3000x2700 7200 7.5
DCGF40-40-12 40 40 12 10000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 3900x3180x2700 9000 11
DCGF50-50-12 50 50 12 15000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 5300x4200x2900 10000 11
DCGF60-60-15 60 60 15 20000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 5700x4600x2800 12000 13
DCGF72-72-18 72 72 18 24000 Φ60-Φ96 180-315 350-1500 6600x5100x2900 15000 14


Filltech Beverage Machinery, located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China, plans, develops and manufactures machine and complete lines for the fields of water treatment, process, filling and packaging technology.

Since being founded in 2001, Filltech Beverage Machinery has become far more than a traditional-style machinery and line manufacturer, it has evolved into a whole project designing company, who get the whole package of a complete filling, packaging design.
Emphasized in the design process are open design, minimizing component design, smooth and simple design, namely, the cleaning platform which is integrated filling with capping, taking into consideration of equipment corrosion prevention, some parts touched with water are used SUS304, and all pipes were specially designed to take full account of the position of the pipe joint and the bending radius factor. And streamline design can eliminate health corner.
The introduction high-speed concept, table base is made with double-deck, table structure is lower than conventional one. The improved materials of connecting and fixing parts widen the filling head. Capping head technology is innovated, lowering the center of capping gravity, improving capping parts in the structure, smoothing the equipment running. Based on these the product capacity greatly improves.


constantly praised
Thailand Customer
FILLTECH met our dear customers from Thailand since 2016, who told us that they wanted to build a water plant in the factory which they never done before and we were required to help them in all aspects from bottle design to plant design. Certainly, that's what we are professional in. When signing the contract, Filltech whole plant cost $130,000, but the customer said the other manufacturer offered $115,000 which was cheaper than ours so if they could get the plant in $105,000 they would sign it and pay the deposit immediately. 
Syria Customer
We got one inquiry from Syria in 2017, and the customer told us that they would like to set up a water factory in their local place. And because of the langauage difference, we negotiated the details like the machine details, bottle design, brand logo,factory size and electric power with the simple English and the help of the Arabic translator, and our customer asked his Chinese partner to come and visit our factory and confirm the details again, finally at the end of year 2017, the sales contract was signed. 
Mexico Customer
The customers are from Mexico, they mainly do bottle water business in local place and they wanted to purchase the blow molding machines with different bottle sizes for increasing their product ranges. And based on their rough ideas about the bottle design, we helped to confirm the bottle design and solved all the problems like the preform weight, electricity difference, and bottle logo and handle material. Finally the automatic 4 cavity blowing machine for small bottle size and semi automatic blowing machine for 20L bottle are delivered successfully after the customer’s inspection themselves. 


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