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  • Q How will I know where to source other items such as caps,labels and preforms?

    A Filltech can help you find the right source for your requirements. We do business around the world and are experienced in dealing with suppliers of everything you need to succeed in the bottled water industry.
  • Q Does Filltech Machinery offer equipment layout drawings?

    A Yes, Filltech offers plant layouts for operations, whether in a start-up or expansion phase. We offer both standard (generic) as well as customized designs and layouts. Federal, state and industry regulations pertain to plant design and construction for safety and sanitation reasons. Filltech engineers and technicians are familiar with these regulations and take them into consideration when designing and recommending plant layouts. See sample plant layouts.
  • Q How much space do I need to house my bottled water operation?

    A The answer depends on the volume of water your business will be processing per day. Another factor will be whether you’re operating a plant to handle large bottles or small bottles (or both). Also to be considered is whether you will be doing much of the labor manually. Small washing and filling units are available for manual operations, which require less plant space than automated systems.
  • Q Is the bottled water business a profitable one to get into these days?

    A The demand for bottled water continues to grow—up over 7% worldwide. The bottled water business presents an opportunity for growth, which translates into profits. However, you must research your own market area carefully to make sure there is a need for your products–there any competing bottled water companies in your town, for example.
  • Q I’m thinking about starting a bottled water business. What equipment is needed?

    A That depends primarily on what your business will focus on—large bottle (3-5 gallon) or small bottle (up to 1 gallon), or whether you intend to reach both markets. You’ll need equipment specific to the size of bottles you plan to produce. Also important is what you project the size of your start-up business volume will be. You want to choose equipment that matches your requirements into the foreseeable future. Don’t over invest, but don’t under invest, either. 
  • Q What do I need to do first when i am thinking about going into a water business?

    A First, you’ll need to have your water source tested to determine which contaminants may be present. This test will give you an idea of the type of water treatment equipment you’ll need to operate within federal, state and industry standards.We can help you decide what bottling equipment would be best for the projected size of your operation.


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