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BOPP Label / White Opp Label

Opp label is use for various labelling which is suitable for hot meltlabeling machine.
USAGE Widely used in wine,soft drinks, mineral water, cosmetics, foods, etc. OPP label is degradable environmental label which is state-certified. It is divided into BOPP label, Pearlised film opp and composite label.
SIZE 20-1000mm
THICKNESS 0.018-0.07mm

Colorful Pof Shrink Film / PE Shrink Film

POF is a kind of heat shrinkable film which has high transparency, high shrinkingrate and heat sealing performance is good; lt is a kind of environmental protectionpackaging materials, which can be recycled.
USAGE Best collective packaging and complete set packaging for all kinds of food, beverage, r.f, medicine, daily necessities,cosmetics and so on;
We can print based on customer's requirements
THICKNESS 0.015-0.04mm
SIZE 60%
Abrasive resistance of pe film is good, it is suitabel for different film machine.

USAGE Mineral water,wine,soft drink,cans products,dairy products,etc.
According to customers'aspect of requirement,we can print PE film tlo satisfied them.
SIZE 50-1700mm
THICKNESS 0.03-0.12mm
SHRINK RATE Widthway 10-20%    Lengthway 70-75%

Ops Pet Shrink Sleeve Label

Environmental Label Which Is State-certified. it Is Shrink Sleeve And Has High Shrinkage.
USAGE Widely use in various drinks, mineral water, milk products and wine, juice drinks etc. 
THICKNESS 0.035-0.08mm
SHRINK RATE Widthways 65-75%    Lengthways 3-5%

Pvc Shrink Sleeve Label

Pvc label is use for various bottleneck label, gum label whichis suitable for label sleeving machine.
USAGE Different kinds of juice drinks,tea,soft drinks, mineral water, milk Products, flavouring and cosmetics, etc.
SIZE 20-700mm
THICKNESS 0.025-0.08mm
SHRINK RATE widthways 45%-50%    Lengthways ≤2%

Self-adhesive Stick Label

Label, also known as self-adhesive labels, adhesive vinyl,sticky notes, pressure-sensitive paper, on paper, film or special materials for the fabric, Back is coated with an adhesive, silicon coated paper, base paper for the protection of a composite material, and after printing, die-cutting andother processing into finished labels. For application, simply peel off the paper from the bottom, push the button, you can stick to the surface of various substrates can also be used in the production line labeling machine Automatic labeling. We offer a full range of solutions for label production and product packaging. We help our customers improve product value, improve Productivity and cost savings.

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