About the water quality,how much do you know?It is no dbout achieving a healthy and acceptable water quality is vitally important for many customers. What's in your water can be harmful and it's best to safeguard against potential risk. With customised solutions, you can meet with your water discharge permit and operate your water treatment systems at optimum efficiency.  We find that in our industry there are many questions pertaining to water quality and so have put together 


Q: Is Chlorine in drinking water harmful?


A: Chlorine was initially added to drinking water in order to eliminate waterborne diseases. It has been used to disinfect municipal supplied water for over 80 years.  One of the risks associated with drinking chlorine water is cancer. While this is a hot debate and has been for many years, there is a negative association with chlorine in water.


Q: What are VOCs in water?


A: A VOC is a volatile organic chemical which is a synthetic compound. At low temperatures, these compounds turn into vapor.  The most common VOCs found in water include pesticides and herbicides and can be dangerous.


Q: What is TDS?


A:  TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a measurement of weight of all the dissolved solids in water. The main dissolved solids found in water include magnesium and calcium and are not considered a contamination. Some basic water tests and analysis often only uncover a rough estimate of the dissolved solids in water. It takes thorough and in depth testing to produce a detailed and accurate report on TDS.


Q: Is it essential for water treatment products to be FDA approved?


A: Not strictly. In order for a filtration or water treatment system to be certified, it must be verified with the Department of Health Services. If a product claims to be FDA approved, they must be able to provide details that show the component materials are in fact FDA approved food grade materials.


It can be a tricky business trying to understand the intricacies of water treatment. At Filltech we customize our water treatment systems and strategies to meet with the specific needs of the customer. To learn more about our water quality tests and treatments, contact us via email or telephone at Filltech Beverage Machinery today.