Do You Know How Beverage Filling Machines Work

Do you ever wonder what a beverage filling machine is? How does it work? What is the basic idea behind the packaging of your carbonated drinks, water, and wine, etc.? It can help the manufacturing industry to increase the work efficiency and promote the product quantity, thus the beverage filling machine is an essential equipment […]

The development prospect of bottle filling machine in African market

It is no wonder that the scarcity of water in Africa is addressed worldwide, and it has moved several contributors to donate a generous supply of water bottles to the people in dire need of water in Africa. It has also provoked the industrialists in Africa and around the world to develop a bottle filling […]

New development:Replicates Iconic Logo from Glass Bottle to Plastic Bottles

A juice company decided it was time to convert juice and tea bottle from glass to lightweight.After few months’ research, they has succeed and will show the successful bottle this year. unbreakable plastic, it faced at least two challenges. One was to replicate that iconic bottle shape exactly in stretch-blow molded PET that would have to […]

Future prospects of glass bottle filling machine

  The demand for purified water has greatly increased in recent years, not only in the development of our country's economy, but also in the constant protection of people's basic lives according to business conditions. The glass bottle filling machine was applied in the industrial market, and it was praised by people from all walks […]

To explore the market development trend of bottled water equipment in China

Rising phenomenon of water pollution in our country, therefore, water treatment equipment market is very promising, but at the same time, the huge water market has fallen from potential to reality, in the past, to bottled water production equipment also is not very understanding, but now due to the impact of water pollution, people began […]

2018 China Import and Export Fair is going on!

As an excellent manufacturer of water filling machine, Fill Tech machine is introducing its products to customers all over the world. As an important platform for China's all-round opening up, the Import and Export Fair has taken the service of domestic and foreign enterprises as its mission, and promoted the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to China […]

Looking forward to your meeting with us in DJAZAGRO

Today I will share a good news with you.It's an honor for us that we have the chance to attend DJAZAGRO 2018.DJAZAGRO is a 4 day event being held from 9th April to the 12th April 2018 in Algiers, Algeria. Our booth number is B.CT F 023.This event showcases products like packaging materials, packaging products and […]

Filltech Machine’s Complete Pet Line Solutions

Producers of carbonated soft drinks (CSD) today require production lines that are flexible and smart, without compromising on quality, speed and efficiency. These solutions allow for optimised production uptime, reduced resource consumption and quick stock keeping unit (SKU) changes, while keeping the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) consistent. Such an approach is the key to winning […]

Changes in the beverage retail market-carbonated tea

Changes in the beverage retail market-carbonated tea The Coca-Cola statistical data recently found that sales of sodavending machine on the decrease.Their cars reduce to fill soda vending machine. Soda water dispenser may be inferenced by e-commerce. But it still has a kind of speculation that people choose  healthy functional drink instead of soda. The beverage market recently launched a carbonated beverage–matcha tea, […]