Changes in the beverage retail market-carbonated tea

The Coca-Cola statistical data recently found that sales of sodavending machine on the decrease.Their cars reduce to fill soda vending machine. Soda water dispenser may be inferenced by e-commerce. But it still has a kind of speculation that people choose  healthy functional drink instead of soda. The beverage market recently launched a carbonated beveragematcha tea, which is aimed at retailers.

Recently unveils a first-to-market carbonated matcha tea beverage targeting non-tea drinkers and conventional retail channels. Differentiated by bold, all-natural fruit flavors together with carbonatio, is poised for runawayand rapidretail success across multiple retail channels.


Industry analysts agree the beverage retail market is experiencing an evolutionary shift toward functional beverages that offer health benefits. Matcha tea, in particular, thanks to its chart topping delivery of antioxidants and a calm alertness, has been earmarked for high growth potential. In fact, Innova Market Insights, the world leader in food and beverage market intelligence, shows matcha tea on an unprecedented growth curve for the past five years, predicting this will continue over the next five. IRI, a world authority in big data and predictive analytics for the beverage industry, points to ready-to-drink teas as a product on a similarly exponential growth timeline to bottled waters, only with the added benefit of being a platform for popular and premium functional additions, such as matcha.

It is the first carbonated product of its kind to combine the chart-topping health benefits of premium Japanese matcha tea with bold, all-natural fruit flavors that consumers already love and seek out at retail.  In addition to matcha tea, each can also contains a perfect balance of L-Theanine, nutrients and natural caffeine, offering consumers detoxifying properties, a calm alertness and a natural metabolism boost.


There’s a seismic shift happening in beverage retail and the opportunity is wide open for category defining products like this that meet multiple consumer needs.Filltech beverage filling machine will also pay attention to the change of beverage industry in time, adjust our sales strategy according to the big market, and innovate our products.