In the last few years, we have seen significant shifts in the tea drinking industry. There was a time when people used to drink tea in the breakfast. Now, they strongly prefer flavored teas and drink it at different timings. However, the method of producing tea is also changed. The tea producing companies are now making use of automatic beverage filling machine. This automatic beverage filling machine has several advantages because the latest technology has been used in it.

beverage filling machine

The trends in the new tea drinking industry are completely different from the previous ones. At present, we have mentioned below six key trends in new tea drinking industry. Have a look:

1. Functional Tea

Tea is surely useful and functional as it keeps us focused, calmed and energized. It also makes us strong from inside. In 1974, the Yogi Tea was introduced in the drug and grocery stores. This tea was helpful in calming kids and inducing sleep. Moreover, it was able to improve digestion and ease colds. After that, different teas were introduced in the market for different purposes. In these teas, the manufacturers have included diverse ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, lavender, and Echinacea.

2. Botanicals Included

The taste of the tea matters a lot. The botanical and floral mixtures in the useful sachets are getting popularity. Hibiscus is recognized as one of the famous tea flavors of the year. It is commonly used in iced teas and simple tea. The addition of the botanicals had a huge impact on the growth of the tea industry.

3. Convenience

It is a convenience of proper packaging that propels sales of artisanal, seasonal and exceptional tea. There are some seasonal greens that come up with limited time offer. For example, Darjeeling from Argo and First Flush Gyokuro from Japan’s Yamaguchi Tea Estate are the seasonal greens. Some teas are also provided in bottles and cans like Chinese black tea. A single bottle of Chinese black tea is sold between 10$ to 12$. Nevertheless, these tea providers use the automatic beverage filling machine for their convenience. This beverage filling machine helps the providers to cut down the workers cost. Moreover, it finishes the work in a short period.

4. Online Sales

The online sales of groceries have increased a lot. Walmart and Amazon have accounted for 30% of its online grocery sales. According to a US survey, 85% of the tea is bought at the market outlets while 19% of the tea drinkers purchase online.

5. Transformed Grocery Tea

According to the market research firm IRI, drug store sales have decreased in a couple of years. However, grocery tea sales have not been affected at all. The reason behind it is that grocery tea has been transformed. Tea is available in bottles, sachets, and packets. So, people can easily choose between ready-to-drink or easy to make tea.

6. Artisan Tea

Tea basically responds to the human touch. Different green teas are becoming popular across the world. Due to this reason, the production of green teas is also increasing in China. From the beginning of 2019, there was a significant increase in the sales of artisan whole-leaf teas.