Water purifier pure water equipment

Pure water is the ideal addition to water molecules. The water does not contain any other substances. Ordinary filtration processes, reverse osmosis membrane systems, devices and sterilization treatment process removes the main impurities in the water and most of the salts.
· Maximize removal of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and organic pollutants.
· Used by the industry to represent electrical conductivity of pure water cleanliness. The state of pure water conductivity is less than equal to 10us/cm.
· It is an important indicator of the conductivity of pure water.
00001. Mineral water equipment
Mineral water exceeds a certain standard of water, after being recognized by the Ministry of Geology and Mineral water. Using groundwater rich in minerals and trace elements such as raw materials, we benefit a lot in terms of health.
· Contains essential trace elements which is conducive to the body’s metabolism and health.
· Hollow fiber ultrafiltration is widely used for the separation of macro molecules, concentration and purification of a membrane separation technology.
· Ultrafiltration at room temperature, low pressure run, no phase change, simple structure, easy operation and has a wide application versatility.
· Ultrafiltration concentrated in the food, fermentation, medicine, environmental protection, chemical and other industries have wide applications.
· Type ultrafiltration water treatment can be used to remove the water colloidal particles, bacteria, viruses, heat, protein and organic polymers. It can also be used to process water and drinking mineral water.
· Also used for high-water reverse osmosis water pre-treatment and precision processing terminal.
00001. Mountain spring water equipment
Mountain spring water is the original water which contains mineral elements in certain proportion. It is put through necessary filtration and disinfection processes.
00001. Mineralized water equipment
It is also known as the mineral water after the raw water is put through a Reverse Osmosis treatment and then adding a certain percentage of trace elements.
00002. Distilled Water equipment
It is the raw water which is condensed after re-heating and evaporation. The high temperature vaporization of microbial kill most of the bacteria thoroughly.

How does it all work?

Due to many reasons the characteristics of water are not the same everywhere, therefore the production process is also different. For example, there is a high requirement of pure water in the case of water purification machines, while in the case of mineral water we are more concerned with mineral content provided. Beyond Machinery has a wealth of experience in water treatment solutions. For each specialized case we have a custom water treatment solution.
00001. Water Treatment System
A water treatment system is used based on the purpose and quality of water required. The basic process can be divided into three parts.
· Pre-treatment system
· Treatment system
· Terminal processing system
Process also includes multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, softeners, iron and manganese removal filters, ultra-filtration and microfiltration etc; deep processing of membrane and ion exchange treatment, post-processing system for the sterilization etc.
00001. Water sterilization, disinfection, storage system
00002. Barreled water production equipment
00003. Bottled water production equipment
Bottled water filling machine are now packed with loads of features and are made using new technologies. They have newer processes and a better structure that ensures great product quality in the same industry-leading level. Its characteristics are stuck in the neck of the bottle between the star wheel shaped plate card board and bottle shaped upper plate, rotated by the star wheel plate drive card. We can achieve fully automatic washing, filling, sealing cover with a small bottle of water. The replacing of bottle is simple and accurate and the transmission is very smooth.
00004. Sachet Water equipment
00005. Secondary packaging equipment
00006. Water plant equipment