Filltech beverage Machinery welcomes customers from every country!

15th September, 2016, customers from Taiwan visited us and purchased 8000BPH Water Filling Production Line
customers from Taiwan
5th October, 2016, customers from Yemen visited us and purchased 5000BPH Juice Filling Production Line.
customers from Yemen
29th, October, 2016, The Arab customers visited us for the 45000BPH complete water production line for 200ml and 330ml,600ml and 1500ml bottle.
                                                                                           Arab customers
12th, November, 2016, customers from Thailand visited us to inspect 12000BPH complete water production line including 7T water treatment system, 4 cavity bottle blowing machine and 24-24-8 water filling machine and packing line, and shipped at the end of the month.
customers from Thailand
26th November, 2016, customers from Russia visited us and purchased 18-18-6 carbonated beverage filling machine and automatic 4 cavity bottle blowing machine on the spot.
                                                                                       customers from Russia