With the development of our society,bottled water is increasingly demanded both locally and worldwide.Meanwhile,challenges and opportunities have also come together to the water producers, such as Hygienic conditions,high speed and consistency,Lightweight bottles,.etc.

As a leading supplier of water bottle filling machine for water producers,we always keep innovation to satisfy the customers' needs.

Output rates


12000 BPH

Filler type

3 in 1 for pure water

CGF24-24-8 for sparkling water

The 3 in 1 pure water filling machine is composed of washer,filler,capper.It adopts bottleneck suspension operation design, so as to make the bottle in high speed running state is stable, reliable, at the same time greatly reduce the number of change parts to change the bottle type more convenient and quick.To get more details,please click the following water filling machine image:

pure water bottle filling machine.png

This 3-in-1 filling machine is suitable for non-carbonated drinks such as mineral water ,juice and pure water etc. The machine is mainly used for washing,filling and capping for beverage packing in PET bottles. Click the following image to know more:

Filltech glass bottled filling machine.png