In hot summer,we all like to drink fruit juice. It can make us fresh and healthy.But very few people know how the fruit juice are made ,even do not know how they are delivered to our hands in bottle shape.Today,by Filltech new designed fruit juice bottling machine,we are gonna see the magic traveling experience of fruit juice.

Unit Operations Applied to Juice

Generally,there is a huge project from fruit to juice.there should be pre-process storage,cleaning,sorting and inspection process,then crushing and juicing,pressing process.Next,the fruit juice treatment system will go to the stage,the water tank can give juice a clarification,RO water treatment system can give the filtration system.Last but most important,manufactured fruit juice is ready to fill by the fruit juice bottling machine.

Fruit juice bottling process.

Firstly,fruit juice filling equipment.

fruit juice filling equipment.jpg

Secondly,fruit juice capping machine

juice capping equipment.png

Thirdly,fruit juice packing equipment

juice packing line.png

Thanks to Filltech new designed fruit juice bottling machine,it combines washing ,filling and capping,3 funtions in 1 body,which makes the whole process less complicated.

If you are a fruit juice manufacturer,why dont you choose this advanced fruit juice bottling machine to improve your production efficiency?