The customer from Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam has just  finished the inspection of can filling and sealing machine on 13th August and place the oder of PET bottle filling production line for pulp juice and glass bottle filling production line for edib bird nest.

pulp juice filling line delivered to Vetnam.png

pulp juice and bird nest filling production line are packaged to be delivered to Vetnam

GF 24-6 can filling and sealing machine is the self-developed equipment of our company with reference to foreign non-gas beverage filling and sealing machine on the basis of the combination of China's national conditions.The capacity can do 300cans per minute and it has the features of high speed filling and sealing effect, stable liquid level,smooth running, good sealing quality,easy maintenance, frequency speed control etc. 

can filling machine for pulp fruit juice.jpg

The machine adopts normal pressure filling method, when the empty tank is entered by the wheel into the lift tray, the empty tank lifts and seals at the same time automatically and opens the filling valve at the same time. When liquid level block air returing pipe then stop filling. Filled cans are sent to sealing head by the hook chain, and the lid is sent to the can mouth by the capping device. When the can loader is raised and then can and lid is pressed and the sealing wheel is pre-sealed and sealed. After the can is sealed, the tank is pushed out and then finished the whole filling process.

filling part.png                          andsealing part.jpg