“I own my beer manufacturing factory over several years,but I still do not know exactly about beer canning process,the lack of knowledge on beer canning machine has made me lost quite part of my customers.”Said the owner of a medium beverage plant machinery.Then how to solve this problem,today Fill Tech Filling Machinery is gonna to talk with you on topic How beer is canned,also the beer canning process.

 Beer canning process.jpg

The process of canning begins with empty, pre-printed, 12-ounce, coated aluminum cans without tops. Cans are fed on to a conveyor belt and first purged of air as spigots force heavier CO2 into the empty vessels. The cans then proceed down the processing line and are filled with beer. After filling, lids are automatically placed on top of the passing can because now almost machines are mobile canning machine.As the lid drops, a simultaneous burst of CO2 pushes the last bit of air out from under the lid.


With the can now full and the top in position, it moves down the line to the seamer. Each can is pushed onto the seaming table where a motor spins the can at high speed. Two machine arms force the lid and can into a finished seal. Cans are filled, lidded and seamed individually at a rate of up to 60 cans per minute.


Once seamed, the cans move through an exterior rinsing process, are checked for fill level and finally manually six-packed for sale.


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