How to select a 5 gallon water filling machine

Many suppliers face a problem: how to select a 5 gallon water filling machine.In this artical,we will give you some information about this machine.You may know more about the advantage and feature of 5 gallon water filling machine.You won't regret reading this article.


Introduction of 5 gallon water filling machine


5 gallon mineral water bottling line is mainframe for produce 5 gallon barreled water.It consist of frame,water tank,pipeline,water pump,air tank,transmission machine,electric machine,can finish empty barrel washing,filling,capping through several washing,fit quantify filling and auto wear lid and capping.The whole working process was control by PLC,realize stability washing effect,accurate filling capacity and perfect capping effect.

We have the filling machine which is used to work for 5 gallon bottle or 3 gallon bottle. There are several types of 5 gallon filling machine for choice

including: choices including:100-200BPH,300BPH,450BPH,600BPH,900BPH,1200BPH etc.


Advantages of 5 gallon water filling machine

1.304 stainless steel insert type filling nozzle,two time high precision filling, filling volume adjustable.

2.Water pump:304 stainless steel pump, three washing pumps and one filling pumps.

3.Mitsubishi PLC controlling system,all full-automatic working,Schneider & Omron brand other electric parts.

4.With AIRTAC brand air cylinder,F.R.L.Combination and Electromagnetism valve for air cylinder.

5.Machine frame and body: all 304 Stainless Steel,combine with clear fiber glass windows.


Features of Products


(1)This filling line specially produces 3&5 gallons barreled drinking water.

(2)This series barreled filling production line integrates bottle washer,filler and sealer into one unit.

(3)In order to achieve the purpose of washing and sterilizing,bottle washer adopts multiple liquid injections washing and disinfectant spray,and washing solution can be used circularly.

The sealer can seal bottle caps automatically.

(4)This filling line equips with water spraying device to sterilize caps of bottles in order to ensure those caps are aseptic and healthy.

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As a top quality professional water treatment company,Filltech Beverage machine have 5 gallon water filling machine,even provides beverage processing line,blowing,filling machine and packing machine.With more than 15 years experience,we have confidence to provide efficient service for you.