From time immemorial,people know that only banding together can achieve further development.But nowadays,faced with fierce competition,quite a few business owners seem to forget about this,just aiming to compete a space for their own business.Fill Tech,as a professional manufacturer of liquid processing and packing machines,we keep giving efforts to improve the development of this industry.


In UK,there is an Liquid Processing and Packing Association called PPMA. Started in 1987 with just 8 'founder' companies, the Association grew rapidly over the following two years.It absorbed nearly 506 members,which include distributors,exporters,agency,subsidiary and manufacturers.And it aims to provide a range of quality, cost effective services and publications to help members develop their business.

To provide a single voice for the machinery sector on relevant issues.

To promote standards of technical service, training and know-how, making membership a mark of quality and service.

To provide channels of contact between members, members and customers, members and government and other organizations.

To provide cost effective access to professional and focused exhibitions.

And we all have to say,this association has really promoted the British liquid processing and packing industry,making it more advanced than in other countries.

Fill Tech will also try our best not only to develop ourselves,but also to improve the whole industry by communicating with competitors and adopting new technology.