Not long ago, the DCGF 18-18-6 3 in 1 bottle washing-filling-capping machine for carbonated beverage has been delivered to Russia, which can do the capacity of 4000-5000bottles per hour.By this chance,here we will introduce the carbonated soft drink filling line in detail.

The feathers of this 3 in 1 carbonated soft drink bottling machines are as follows:

1.Bottle Feeding automatically, sent by the air conveyor into the washing part.

2.Spring cramps are used in the bottle washing process. The empty bottles can be turned over 180¡ã along the conveying rail, there is dial into the filling station, using the way of hanging the bottle positioned in the bottleneck board of filling machine to do the lifting mechanism. The bottle was lifted and pressed with filling part. In the lifting process, check whether there are bottles on bottleneck board. If there are bottles, the filling process is started, the bottle is filled into drink. If there is no bottle, the valve remains closed.

beverage washing-filling-capping machine .jpg

3.After filling, bottle lifting mechanism fall down. Filled bottles are sent by star wheels capping part, beverage bottles which are capped are sent by a star wheel to bottle conveying belt.


4.Emphasized in the design process are open design, minimizing component design, smooth and simple design, namely,the cleaning platform which is integrated filling with capping, taking into consideration of equipment corrosion prevention, some parts touched with water are used SUS304, and all pipes were specially designed to take full account of the position of the pipe joint and the bending radius factor. And streamline design can eliminate health corner.

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