According to the research of Nielsen Data,there are 1/4 British craft beer has been used canned packaging. From January to August this year, retail sales volume of canned craft beer has increased by 327%. According to the analysis, canned beer is welcomed by consumers because they are light weight, portable and easy to recycle. Small-sized, small craft beers are more convenient and cost-effective to produce.

Knowing this infomation,some sharp-sighted beer canning machine manufacturers has fixed their eyes on the British Market,aiming to reopen a new market of beer canning machine.

Generally,beer bottling machines in Britain,Germany and Japan has more advantages than them in China,because their technology is more advanced.By this chance,China's beer bottling equipment manufacturer should adopt new tech and produce qualified equipment.

Beer bottling machine is used for GLASS bottles ,it adopts unique clamping bottle filling technology, frequency control, automatic tank level control, equal pressure filling , etc. Additionally,it adopts constant pressure into the fluid, and match the mixer perfectly, to avoid boiling, material inequality of production problems, contact with the material part of the materials are stainless steel 304,316 . pipe system control components are imported auxiliary equipment.

Liquid filling machine needs not only to meet the market but also to meet customer's needs, in fact, to be back, the user's needs is the market demand, their needs to determine the orientation of the development of filling machine industry. Now with the seasonal changes in the market demand for bottling machines has risen, it is better reflected in the beverage industry, the current filling machine is made of stainless steel body material, high-tech facilities Now it has developed into a liquid filling production line, the production efficiency greatly improved.

In the market development,the use of liquid filling machine has become more and more important, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand,the higher requirements of the filling machine has also been put forward for the production enterprises, for beverage filling machine manufacturers,thinking of the customers' needs is the guarantee of creating a high brand in the international market.