Today Internet Plus has developed more and more in-depth.Especially the traditional industry plus internet.Like in our liquid bottle filling and packing industry,by the power of Internet,almost every manufacturer of Water Bottle Filling Machines is  putting so much effort in bottle packaging quality and durability.If you are setting up your new water plant or expanding or just updating the old machines,you may just type in the google search bar:Professional in Water Bottle Filling Machines Zhangjiagang China,the base of beverage filling and packing industry.

Filltech Beverage Machinery,as the Professional in Water Bottle Filling Machines Zhangjiagang China,has always focused on the customers'needs,and we developed a series filling and packing machines for mineral water,soda water,sparkling water and glass bottled fruit juice and so on.

Our products are highly in demand and has gained great reputation from old customers just because the following features:

1.Very economical and pocket friendly products range

2.Fully automatic and semi automatic varieties

3.Perfectly handle any size and shape container(we provide pet bottle design service)

pet water bottle design.jpg

4.Very flexible and easy to handle

5.Durable with no or little maintenance

Actually,there are several poits you should pay more attention when seeking the professional manufacturer in beverage filling machines.

Firstly,is it a factory or just a trade company?

If it is a manufacturing factory,more often,all the equipments in the filling line will be provided.Even more,they can design the water plant layout and PET bottle size according to your market reality.

Secondlly,is there professional engineers and experienced foreign trade sales team?

water bottling machine is a kind of specific product.For its installation and operation,you must get specialized training and guidance.There is no doubt that professional engineers and service team will make your purchase process more smoothy.

That's all for today,to know more about beverage filling machines and after- sale service,kindly visit our official website or directly contact us!