Selecting a Location for Your Bottled Water Manufacturing Plant is a complicated process.It is critical to have the knowledage of the process,not only the water plant itself,but also the water bottling and packing machines for water plant.Today we are gonna share several things you should take into consideration in selecting location.

A sound business plan should be the foundation of your location-selection process, detailing facts including:

The goods the plant will produce-bottled water

The machines would be used in production-water filling machines,water treatment system,shrink sleeve labeling machine and so on.

The operation standard of those bottled water manufacturing machines

Defining these facts is key because they impact various aspects of a place ranging from size requirements to energy availability.

1.Local geography — A site may require additional land depending on local conditions such as topography, drainage or governmental regulation. Don’t forget to investigate these factors.

2.Daily operations  —  How much traffic will be within your plant and how often? Consider activities such as raw ingredient delivery, finished product distribution and the facility’s internal material movement. Ask yourself additional questions such as, “Will the plant’s operations require rail access?” or “Is interstate accessibility high priority?” Aim to answer these early on in your site selection process to help clearly define the logistics of your new plant.

3.Utility and water costs — Determine the square footage you will require, and use a utility matrix to estimate its utility requirements. If your organization has built similar facilities, project these items based on existing data. If not, consider consulting with an experienced engineering firm.

Utility and water costs go hand-in-hand with your operations costs. When selecting a place, ensure an adequate energy supply source is readily available. Review your water and wastewater requirements. Water consumption costs are heavily influenced by wastewater pre-treatment costs or additional wastewater surcharges. Having estimates of these costs can help qualify your prospective sites.

4.Distance  — Identify the location of your customers and distribution centers. Where are your raw materials located? Pinpointing these can help determine the ideal location of your new plant.

Solving the basic problems what is saide above first and then asking some liquid filling and packing machine manufacturers for specific water plant layout,believe you can run a successful water plant business.