With the increase in consumer income, the quality of life, social environment and other higher levels of consumer demand is also rising, and even daily drinking water is no longer only pure, natural so simple, more and more top level water brand enter into water marketing camp, all want to named "top-level" to win the favor of consumers.

top-level water.png

The cost of top-level water mainly because of the transport and limited water resources. Water sources are mostly concentrated in remote mountainous areas, while consumer groups are in prosperous cities, transportation costs greatly increased, making the market retail price rise, but not too high than ordinary water a few times so outrageous. Like selling top-level water "wild banana" in the first-tier cities. it is the source of Guangxi Jiuwan Mountain National Nature Reserve Xianchi Springs, unique natural environment, creating a rich "native, weak alkaline , Low mineralization, very soft water, negative ion water, "the quality of natural spring water. Because of transportation costs, "wild banana" price is indeed higher than ordinary bottled water, 

but the simple 500ml bottle price is just 5 yuan.