In our Automatic mineral water bottle filling machine, We have capacities ranging from 40 bottles /minute to 200 bottles /minute. The material of construction is SS 304 for the Frame and outer panel. All Wetted Parts are in SS 316. The Human Machine Interface is PLC with Touch Screen Control that makes the machine user friendly. The machine is equipped with features viz.. no bottle /no fill , no bottle /no cap, low fill / no cap. One more salient feature is the Cap sorter which ensures that the caps are fed only in the right orientation. The caps of wrong orientation are sorted and are sent back to the cap sorter thro a drop down mechanism.
Automatic 3 in 1 pure water filling machine bottling equipment
Automatic Bottle Filling Machine – Rinsing
The bottles are fed into the air conveyor were the bottles are guided into the first turn table which sets up the alignment for the bottle to be transferred to the rinsing section. The air conveyor is also designed so that it can be directly integrated to a Fully Automatic Blowing Machine. In the rinsing section the bottle is turned thro 180deg thro a bottle inverting guide equipped with flexible joint and is rinsed thro a jet of water at 3 bar. At the rinsing table the water jets out only thru three Nozzles, the rest of the movement thro the rinsing table is for a Drip cycle where the Left out Water particles drips out from the bottle. The rinsed Bottle is then Passed on to the Filling section after passing through an Inter mediate Turn table.
Automatic Bottle Filling Machine – Filling
In our Automatic mineral water bottle filling machine, The bottles are then passed on to the filling section. The filling section is equipped with spring loaded nozzles. Once the bottles are picked they spring loaded nozzles are activated by a Drum Cam Mechanism. Since the machine is equipped with gravity filling the accuracy of filling is maintain as there is no foaming. The filling nozzles are made of SS316 and the Filler tank is completely electro polished and this reduced possibilities of Microbial growth.

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