Rising phenomenon of water pollution in our country, therefore, water treatment equipment market is very promising, but at the same time, the huge water market has fallen from potential to reality, in the past, to bottled water production equipment also is not very understanding, but now due to the impact of water pollution, people began to pay attention to the importance of water quality safety, there are changes in consumer drinking water consumption idea also, so development trend is very significant, bottled water equipment market in China to introduce below small make up for you.

The production of domestic reverse osmosis membrane components is strongly supported, and the production of membrane components in China has a place in the international market. To attract large international reverse osmosis film production enterprises to build factories in China, to promote the development of the industry.

1. The development of bottled water production and the whole barrel water equipment industry has provided a good business opportunity for the domestic small and medium-sized industry and commercial enterprises. Relevant enterprises should timely produce or import the high level materials and accessories supporting the industry in order to develop synchronously with the water treatment industry.

2. The complete set of equipment production enterprises shall further improve the technological design level, improve the production and installation level of the equipment, and thus improve the investment efficiency of equipment, reduce energy consumption and improve the utilization rate of raw water. Qualified enterprises should aim at the international advanced level and enhance the international competitiveness to drive the development of the whole industry.

With the increase of industrial wastewater, urban and rural sewage discharge and pesticide and fertilizer use, drinking water sources in many places are polluted, and the levels of pollutants in the water are seriously exceeded. Cancer rates are high in individual places, with 80 percent of the disease linked to drinking water. Domestic water treatment process only stay in terms of disinfection sterilization, and in the face of the current organic pollutants in the industrial and domestic wastewater (such as chlorine, fluorine, arsenic, organic salts) carcinogens, such as processing is incapable of finances. In the face of this situation, China's bottled water market has developed rapidly in recent years, with the simple structure and easy operation of bottled water equipment, which has rapidly occupied the market. The common drinking water problem has become a popular consumer hot spot.