There are many factors that affect the juice filling machines' price,today Filltech is going to share with you the major factors that affecting the juice production line price.

1.Juice Filling Machines's Manufacturing Cost

How much is the manufacturing cost decides the quality and value of the juice filling line,which includes juice production line design cost,juice filling machine processing technology and manufacturing material used.

Let's talk about two cost-intensive examples:from the aspect of juice filling machine manufacturing material,high quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel used in the machine can protect the fruit juice from contamination. In the processing technology, the production line assembly parts using imported aluminum, after Electro-oxidation treatment, even in wet working environment, it won't get rusted.

2.The Configuration of Juice Production Line

The fruit juice production line is customized according to the specific needs of customers, different production capacity has different requirements, different requirements lead to different production line configuration, the price is naturally different. For example: beverage production line; small and medium-sized juice production line price is much lower than the price of large-scale juice production line.

3.The Filling Machine's Brand, Manufacturer's Reputation and Service

Juice filling machine manufacturers who has many years of manufacturing experience in machinery and equipment manufacturers of large brands, the industry a good reputation and focus on providing high-level production line equipment and services, such as sales price is too cheap equipment, but will reduce the brand image, affecting sales.

4.The Best Service

Service should be covered everywhere,including pre-sale, sale of equipment, after-sales quality commitment, juice filling line installation and commissioning, equipment upgrades, regular visits and so on.

5.Last but not Least

The industry's mutual competition, marketing strategies and other factors will have a great impact on the price of production line equipment.