The water filling line is an important setup in the mineral water production industry. It is the engine room of the entire water production process. The water filling profile under operation, takes care of the wide spectrum of activities which include washing and cleaning of the bottles; placing the bottles in position; filling of the bottles with sterile water under pressure; capping and labeling of the packaging bottles, and wrapping and sealing of the bottles, in some advanced models.

A complete water filling line comprises of different units which work together to ensure the efficiency of the production process. The major component equipment is the water bottle packaging machine while other units are auxiliary. In this post, we shall be looking at the individual components of a whole water filling line and their individual functions.

Let’s get started with an overview of the water bottle packaging machine

The water bottle packaging machine

This is the major component of the water filling line. It carries out the water filling and packaging processes which include filling of the containers, capping and labeling. During this process, the machine also ensures that appropriate volumes of the mineral water is maintained throughout a particular production batch. This is very important when maintaining standard of production and quality control.

However, the water bottle packaging machine vary and can be categorized according to their levels of automation. This include the table top filling machines, the semi-automatic and the fully automated water filling machines. The level of automation determines the water bottle packaging machine price and should be taken in account purchasing this equipment for your water production business.  

The tank

The tank serves as the reservoir for the sterile water which is made to flow through designated hose. The tank material, location and size will depend on a number of factors which include the production demand, and the method of water flow. However, there are different types of tanks for the different types of water filling machines. For instance, the gravity water filling machines make use of supply tanks that are placed at positions above the nozzles.  

The water product pathway and the nozzles

During production, water needs to move from the tank or reservoir to the waiting bottles. This is where the pathway comes to play. The product pathway consists of the plumbing, the nozzles and the tubes that connect them. However, the design of the water pathway differ with different water filling machines due to the tank location and other factors. Again, the materials for the tubing and plumbing may vary depending on the model and the production requirement. In addition to the pathway tubing and nozzles, there are sanitary fittings which are components of the sanitary machines. 

Other components of the water filling line include the frame which changes with the need of the packaging process.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to determine the components of the water filling line necessary for your production. Again, the water filling line price may differ depending on some factors such as the quality, the model and your water packaging machine supplier. All these factors need to be put in place to ensure that you acquire the best quality for your business.