The beverage filling machine is an equipment that is mainly used in the production and filling of carbonated beverages. The equipment incorporates washing of packaging bottles, filling of the container with beverage product and capping of the packaging bottle.

Hot Filling Machine for Fruit Juice

Products that are packaged using thebeverage filling machinesinclude carbonated drinks, non-carbonated juices, milk drinks, tea, sparkling wine, beer or carbonated alcoholic beverages.

There are different levels of automation of the beverage filling machines which includes the table top filling machine, the semi-automated and the fully automated beverage filling machines.

While the table top and semi-automated beverage filling machines have certain degrees of human input, the fully automated filling machines are not manually operated.

The semi-automated and fully automated filling machines are suitable for soft drinks bottled in PET and plastic bottles.  

The fully automated beverage filling machine is very convenient to operate. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best option for beverage manufacturers.

Generally, the fully automated beverage filling machine uses the isobaric filling method, and each filling head is equipped with cylinder stator, which is controlled independently, which, in turn, guarantees a more stable and faster speed.

Technical Characteristics of the automated Beverage Filling Machine:

1. For the fully automated beverage filling machine, the direct connection technology is used between the air conveyor and the supply of wheel-star bottles; there is no bottle feed screw and transport chain. It is very easy to change the shape of the bottle.

2. Bottleneck retention technology is used to transport bottles. By changing the shape of the bottle, users only have to carry out a replacement of the star wheel, the arc guide plate, as well as other nylon parts which are quite relevant to the diameter of the bottle.

3. The machine of 3 units in 1, includes washing, filling and capping in a single machine, with which the bottle wear rate is lower, precise and stable transport, and the most convenient bottle shape change.

4. The specially designed bottle clamp of the bottle washer is completely made of stainless steel, so it is durable and stable. In addition, there is no contact with the neck screw parts of the bottle, thus avoiding secondary contamination.

5. The beverage filling machine is designed with a high-speed isobaric filling mass flow valve, to ensure high filling speed and precise liquid level, without any loss.

6. The components in contact with the liquid are made of high quality stainless steel and sanitary grade engineering plastic, and most electrical systems employ imported components that meet our state food standards under hygienic conditions.

7. The bottle exit star wheel and the bottle bottom support plate employ the spiral wound method, and there is no need to adjust the height of the bottle transport chain by changing the shape of the bottle.


Main Components of the Beverage Filling Machine:

1. The unloading train of the bottle washing machine consists of the water separation bottle washing clamp, tray, top rotating table, protective shield, guide rail, defrosting tray, water spray device.

2. The beverage filling machine includes bottle washer, capping machine, filling machine, frame, main motor, sealing window, bottle transmission system, traction system, electric control system, and lid classification device among others.

3. The filling mechanism consists mainly of filling valve, filler jug, guide rail, lifting equipment, gear for lifting and blocking bottles, among others.

4. The capped-sealed mechanism consists of a lid sorting machine, lid fixing limiting rail and capper machine.

5. Auxiliary equipment (optional) has a water reflux accumulator for washing, air duct for bottle inlet, and bottle outlet chain. In addition, the platform can be configured for manual loading of bottles (or bottle positioner), multi-row platform for bottle alignment with manual differential chain, and automatic bottle capper, among others.