Although more and more people prefer to drink fresh mango juice,most bottled mango juice manufacturers still have great market demand.If you want to run the mango juice business successfully,please take the following things into consideration.

First and the most important thing is to buy the suitable mango juice filling equipment.

Generally we often see the 3 in 1 fruit juice filling machine in the liquid bottling and packing market.This kind of machine is mainly used for washing/filling/capping PET bottled juice, tea drinks and all kinds of energy drink for hot filling.Please pay more attention to the 3 functions:rinser,fillier and capper.


Plan the bottled mango juice manufacturing season

For a food processing plant to be profitable and have efficient use of its facilities, it has to operate at full capacity. Usually though, the operation of a processing plant is limited from three to four months per year only, because supply of fresh mangoes is insufficient during the off-season. Thus, a plant’s operation needs to be programmed to assure a sustained supply of processed mango products in various forms at affordable prices.

During the peak of harvest season, usually from March to May, the main products are fresh-mango-for-export, mango puree, mango scoops, and mango fruit bar/roll. For the rest of the year when mango is not in season, the main products are mango fruit bar/roll and mango nectar, using the mango puree. Other possible products are instant mango juice powder and mango sauce.

Pay attention to the mango juice processing cost

The integrated mango processing plant (capacity: 11.5 t/day) requires a capital investment of P31,177,869 in its first year of operation. The financial requirements of the plant is centered on three main items, namely, capital outlay, working capital, and equipment. These total P31,177,869. Direct labor is at P25 per hour. Indirect labor includes services rendered by full-time staff. The electricity and water cost are based on a P2.50/kw-hr and P2.50/m3 rate, respectively. Farmgate price of fresh mango used as raw material is estimated at P10/kg. Packaging material may vary depending on the product, from cardboard boxes to laminated plastic bags and gallon plastic bottles, which may cost from P0.50 to P12.00 per piece.

Hope you can think completely and make the right decision! If you have any questions about building the mango juice bottling plant,please feel free to contact us!